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Fall-protective feco double glazings
Data dodania: 21.03.19

Feco-feederle has successfully proven the fall protection of the frameless structural double glazing fecostruct and the flush-wall double glazing fecofix using pendulum impact tests. The Karlsruhe-based Group received the General Building Inspectorate Test Certificates for the fall protection of the double-shell partition wall systems.



2019 03 01ang 3

Fall-protective fecostruct glazing

The test certificate defines the limit dimensions with widths ≥ 700 mm and ≤ 1,350 mm and heights ≥ 1,000 mm and ≤ 3,000 mm for the double-sided linearly-supported glazing of the fecostruct double-shell partition wall system for glass structures with 6 mm ESG and 8 mm VSG. Since the structural glazing bonding must not be used for the static evaluation of the test, the glass panes are mechanically secured with 20 mm slim horizontal aluminium angles.

For this purpose, the brackets are screwed to the supporting frame invisibly at the factory and run linearly across the entire width of the element. Vertically, no additional mounting brackets are required within the aforementioned limit dimensions, so that the just 20-mm-thin vertical edge-bonding of the fecostruct glazing has an elegant appearance. For the fecofix glazing with linear support on all sides, the limit dimensions are defined as widths ≥ 500 mm and ≤ 1,350 mm and heights ≥ 2,500 mm and ≤ 3,500 mm. The fecofix glazing also retains its filigree effect with a surrounding 20-mm-thin frame to prevent falls.


2019 03 01ang 4

Entrance hall of the Brunner Innovation Factory with fall-protective fecostruct glazing

With the issued test certificates, feco-feederle rounds off its system partition wall programme and offers attractive design solutions for the increasing demand for fall-protective glazing with high sound insulation up to Rw,P = 47 dB. For sound insulation requirements up to Rw,P = 42 dB, the successfully- tested fecoplan all-glass construction as a fall-protective glass wall is an economical alternative.

For the pendulum impact test, a 50-kg twin tyre with a drop height of 900 mm struck the glass at different points. The test specimens could be damaged, but not penetrated by the impact body or torn from the anchorage. Also, no fragments were to endanger the traffic route. If a pane was damaged, a further drop from a 100-mm drop height had to be withstood.

Rainer Höhne, Heike Blödorn
Photographer: Nikolay Kazakov,
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