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Certified Fire Protection for Europe. heroal at BAU 2019
Data dodania: 21.03.19

With its certified fire protection system heroal FireXtech D 93 FP, heroal presents an outstanding system at the trade fair BAU 2019, characterized by its modular design, short processing times and excellent static features. It represents a further addition to heroal’s range of products and offers fire protection planners, architects and fabricators a high-quality system solution for commercial and residential construction.


 2019 03 01ang 1


In order to expand its portfolio in the fire protection segment, heroal has developed the fire protection system heroal FireXtech D 93 FP. It is an extension to heroal‘s existing range of products in this field and offers system solutions for all different kinds of purposes and building projects. With their significant advantages in terms of processing, they stand out from other well-established systems in the market.


Fire Protection for Europe
heroal FireXtech D 93 FP represents certified fire protection, equally recognised throughout Europe. The fire protection system was tested and certified according to CE mark requirements and therefore meets all valid EC directives. In addition, heroal FireXtech D 93 FP was tested on fire resistance according to DIN EN 13501-2 classifications, and was able to withstand the fire for more than 30 minutes, meeting fire resistance classification EI 30. The system achieved this classification by means of clamp-on profile and glass protections and laminates. The insertion of cooling plates into major profiles, glazing bar and bottom profiles is no longer necessary. If required, an EI 60 or EI 90 classification can be met by some additional equipment to the same system. Furthermore, the system complies with the regulations for both inside and outside use.


2019 03 01ang 2


Fire Protection with a System
The fire protection system heroal FireXtech D 93 FP is supplied within a certified standard heroal manufacturing network, and can immediately be further processed by the fabricators. Standardized basic principles for processing as well as clamp-on fitting options significantly reduce manufacturing times. The use of special tools is made obsolete. Alternatively, riveting nuts can be used. Furthermore, the low weight of the profiles facilitates handling, owing to the fact that they do not require any additional insert to meet EI 30 standards. The heroal FireXtech D 93 FP product range also has good looks: the installation depth of 93 mm and maximum element dimensions create a harmonious visual identity of facing widths. The system design is rounded off by a wide range of glazing types as well as stainless steel or aluminium hinges.


Fire Protection for Tomorrow
The fire protection system heroal FireXtech D 93 FP focuses on sustainability: the system consists of a composite profile with mineral foam, dispensing with dangerous or hazardous materials. It meets all current requirements of the EnEV, the German Energy Conservation Ordinance, as regards thermal insulation. Due to its especially durable and highly weather resistant heroal powder coating, the system can be used for decades. As an option, it can be equipped with a continuous, flush zero-threshold including drainage for barrier-free solutions. Following the company’s guiding theme, heroal offers a system solution at BAU 2019 that is SIMPLY BETTER. Directed towards the FUTURE.


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