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Focus on Design with an Eye on Structure
Data dodania: 19.05.16

The new exterior film skai® x-brush with a detailed grinding look is Hornschuch’s star at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016 / Additional colors in the successful skai ® Alux assortment / Proven design completely reinterpreted: skai® Sheffield Oak colonial / The new design skai® Cemento adorns the façade of the civic centre in Weissbach/ cool colors PLUS: further development of the cool colors technology.



Surfaces that touch


With its exterior films, Hornschuch continues toset new standards, both visually and technically. The high-quality designs are used in the lamination of window profiles, doors, garage doors, and façades. Here, the topic of structure and therefore also feel is becoming increasingly important. Due to its special expertise in embossing technology, Hornschuch offers competent, convincing solutions here. Hornschuch’s goal is to create surfaces that touch. 



Exquisite grinding Look

The topic of structure and feel is now finding its way into construction elements. These, too, must be pleasant and appealing to touch. The exclusive and brand-new exterior window profile film skai® x-brush was inspired by a technical application in automotive engineering. Highly precise laser engraving makes it possible to portray the detailed and contoured grinding look with never before seen sharpness. Precision on a nano level leads to the deceptively realistic, delicate, and non-repeating result: opposing grinding marks meet at a slanted angle and give the window profile film skai® x-brush a very lively, yet technical-dynamic look. In metallic colors, the surface has an iridescent effect. The light refraction changes depending upon the viewing angle. The exquisitely designed exterior film perfectly matches modern architecture and will be introduced in the colors steel blue, black brown, and titanium. The design is particularly well-suited for large-format applications on construction elements such as garage doors, house doors, and façades.



a2016 5 8 1

Illustration 1. The exclusive and brand-new exterior film skai® x-brush was inspired by a technical application in automotive engineering. It combines a very lively, yet technical- dynamic look with a delicate structure, which has a pleasant feel



Like powder-coated Aluminium


The success story of the innovative exterior film skai® Alux began exactly two years ago with its premiere at the last FENSTERBAU FRONTALE. skai® Alux is used for the lamination of window profiles, doors, garage doors, and façades, in order create artistic accents on building exteriors. During the printing process, effect pigments are used, which together with the embossing create the look of powder-coated aluminium and the fine shimmering effect. The feel of the surface also mimics that of powder-coated metal. skai® Alux has now established itself successfully in the market and is especially popular in the color DB 703. At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016, Hornschuch will continue the success story of the innovative material with an additional color: the color graphite is impressive with its very elegant darkness.



a2016 5 8 2

Illustration 2. At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016, Hornschuch will continue the success story of skai® Alux with an additional color of the innovative material: the color graphite is impressive with its very elegant darkness



Oak reinterpreted


Several years ago, Hornschuch created quite a stir at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE. With skai® Sheffield Oak light, the company from Weissbach presented a new wood design that was more natural and lifelike than ever before. skai® Sheffield Oak portrays a subdued, elegant oak, in which the liming of the pores that are typical for this type of wood create accents and the numerous color variations produce a harmonious overall appearance. Due to the success of this modern design, Hornschuch presented two additional colors at the last FENSTERBAU FRONTALE: skai® Sheffield Oak grey and skai® Sheffield Oak brown. They, too, were a complete success in the market. The surface specialist is now completely reinterpreting the main design in the market with its new product skai® Sheffield Oak colonial and will present it at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016. FENSTERBAU FRONTALE visitors will decide: here, Hornschuch will now present the entire color spectrum of the successful design.



a2016 5 8 3

Illustration 3. The surface specialist is completely reinterpreting the main design in the market with its new product skai ® Sheffield Oak colonial and will present it at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016.



Decorated Façade


The surface specialist Hornschuch demonstrated at several construction sites in Southern Europe that it is competent and successful in the area of façades. At the end of 2015, the surface specialist was involved in a construction project in its home town. Since recently, the new civic centre in Weissbach is adorned by a plastered façade combined with façade panels that were designed by Hornschuch exclusively for this application on the plinth – a real eyecatcher. The special design skai® Cemento was specifically developed for this construction project. skai® Cemento is an exterior film with the look of slate, which is structured by a graphic pattern of straight, seemingly endless lines. The area within the lines seems varied and rough. The harmonious color concept of the façade also contains other construction elements in the color DB 703 such as exterior doors and window profiles that are laminated with skai® Alux film. This results in an unmistakable, unique building façade, making it a hit with architects. Hornschuch also used the look of this innovative façade at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016 in Nuremberg to design its trade fair stand, thus signalling the beginning of the use of skai® exterior films on façades in Central and Northern Europe.




a2016 5 9 1

a2016 5 9 2

a2016 5 9 3

a2016 5 9 4

Illustrations 4-7. Since recently, the brand-new civic centre in Weissbach is adorned by a plastered façade combined with façade panels that were designed by Hornschuch – a real eyecatcher. The special design skai ® Cemento was specifically developed for this construction project



The cooler the better


More than 80 skai® exterior films of the current warehouse collection have the patented cool colors technology. It ensures that the profiles heat up much less, even in strong sunlight. A further development of the proven technology is cool colors PLUS. Here, the film has an additional white base layer and therefore makes it even more efficient at reducing heat absorption, especially on dark surfaces. This way, a dark surface can be completely neutralized. This feature is used in extreme climate conditions, especially in hot countries. cool colors PLUS meets with a great deal of global interest. It was particularly well received in the USA and South America. The modern technology also achieved excellent results in weathering due to its 60 μ thick acrylate layer. This will have a marked effect on the extension of the warranty periods for global use. Exterior films equipped with cool colors PLUS have now a warranty period of up to 10 years. The cool colors PLUS assortment currently consists of 13 colous and can be used on construction elements such as window profiles, house doors, garage doors, and façades.



a2016 5 9 5 

a2016 5 9 6

a2016 5 9 7


Illustrations 8-10. During the further development of the cool colors technology to cool colors PLUS, the films were additionally given a white base layer, which makes them even more efficient at reducing heat absorption



Axel Schmidt
Konrad Hornschuch AG



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