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Świat Szkła 04/2021

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ROB Punch: subtle hardware for glass sliding doors up to 150 kg
Data dodania: 23.01.19

Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors are also interesting for contemporary interiors in offices, lofts, and living rooms.


Naturally, when the running profile is invisibly integrated into the ceiling, it gives the entire thing an even sleeker look, while still being very easy to disassemble.


2019 08 2ang 12


However, a top profile for assembly against the wall or in a (glass) wall works just as well, including for glass sliding doors of up to 150 kg with glass thicknesses of 8, 10, and 12 mm.


A ceiling cover profile completes the picture and, thanks to this door hardware, glass sliding doors are still vertically adjustable. All the components are manufactured using anodised aluminium with a stainless steel look, which combines perfectly with glass.


The sliding door hardware is available with or without a soft-close system. If the soft-close system is in place, the glass doors will automatically slow down when opening and closing in order to prevent a jarring stop.


The fact that you don’t need any kind of recess in the glass to assemble the soft-closed system further emphasises just how easy it is to assemble this sliding door hardware.



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