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Glassworker GW 425 – Vacuum lifter for glass
Data dodania: 21.09.18

Glassworker GW 425, a lifter for glass, is an electronic device powered with inbuilt batteries. It is used for lifting and transporting sheet glass and complete windows and can be also employed in the manufacturing of window panels and windows, their transportation, and the assembly of window joinery, especially at construction sites. 


The drive installed in the machine is transferred onto the front axle, and thus the machine can be steadily operated. Accelerating and braking is possible thanks to an intuitive joystick fitted on the handle.


The lifter is equipped with a remote control used to operate an arm that holds a window panel or window. The remote control provides a possibility of lifting and lowering heavy objects, going forward and backwards with the weight, leaning it upwards or downwards, and sliding it along the machine axle. That solution enables the operator to position window panels in frames precisely. All the functions offer the most comprehensive solution currently available in terms of window panel and window transportation.




Technical parameters of the machine

Hoisting capacity of glass vacuum cups: 425 kg

Total machine weight: 680 kg

Length in the retracted position: 200 cm

Clearance width: 82 cm

Lift height: 300 cm when the panel is lifted vertically and 340 cm when horizontally.




2018 9 en 12 1


2018 9 en 12 2



2018 9 en 12 3



2018 9 en 12 4





Glassworker offers an innovative vacuum preparation system for the vacuum cups, which guarantees greater safety of use. What it relies on is a doubleloop system of preparing and distributing vacuum, which protects against an uncontrolled detachment of vacuum cups from the transported glass. The vacuum preparation system does not interfere with the machine or the movable part of the machine head. The solution lets the operator rotate the glass panel 360° in all directions.



2018 9 en 13 1



2018 9 en 13 2



Modern batteries and the charging system installed let the machine run for 14h on a single charge and guarantee a long battery life.


The machine parameters ensure the client high performance on a shop floor and at a construction site alike. The lifter can be transported on a minibus or car trailer. Glassworker GW 425 is fully automated and hence the necessary maintenance is minimised.




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